When it comes to learn an excellent Spoken English you can always count on Navi Institute of English Language.

Featured Course

Front End Skill
Spoken English

This course consists of Basic English Grammar to improve accuracy in grammar to build powerful vocabulary, develop reading skills and to correct pronunciation. This course teaches us an art of conversation, one to one interaction, effective self introduction, interview techniques, conversation on current affair, overcoming hesitation, confidence building, extempore sessions for effective listening and communication in English in day to day situation etc. 

Advance Spoken English

This course consists of Advance English Grammar reviews, advance grammar for construction & usage of complex sentences, word building and advance vocabulary, appropriate usage of idiomatic phrases, group discussion, effective self introduction, art of conversation free style conversation and focus on listening. This course also consists of public speaking skills, American and British slang’s words, preparation of interviews, framing question and answer, inner personality.

Business English

Building the thoughts of writing anything, ideas of writhing paragraph, essay and business technique. In this course we also teach drafting official latter, developing email etiquette, writing notes, article news. Duration of this course is 3 months.

Job Skill
Interview Technique

In interview technique, we teach about preliminaries of an interview, writing CV or resume. We also conduct mock session. We teach about how to do effective self introduction and reason of rejection. In group discussion we concentrate on how our students overcome hindrances (lack of confidence/ hesitation). They are taught about difference between listening and hearing. They learn how to concentrate on body language, voice mapping.

public speaking
Communication Skills and Group Discussion

The main objective of this course is to build Oratory Skills. Our students are taught about difference between verbal and non verbal communication, overcoming roadblocks of communication, role of listening and understating & feedback. Duration of this course is one month.

Personality Development

Inner Personality Development, role of motivation & body language. Difference between verbal & non-verbal communication and filling the GAP, here G stands for grooming, A stands for attitude and P stands for personality.

What our Happy Student Say
“The English Institute NIEL is made up of friendly and helpful people. The thing We most appreciated is the Teacher. They are very competent and kind. In fact, they were ready to reply in detail to every question”

“English is very important for me, we should must develop this skill without any second thought. ”

Vimal Singh

“When I was in school I used to hesitate while speaking English but now I can fluently speak this language.”

Vimal Singh